Tash Rabat “Inn”

Building beautiful castles, high towers as Burana were pretty common in ancient times. We can still see them in many places around the world. But how about ancient “hotels”? Could you imagine any inn at all at those old times? If not, let me take you to one of them virtually first, then you decide, whether to realize it or not!

Somewhere far inside the valleys of Kyrgyzstan there is an interesting building. What draws attention is that the region itself is inhabited by nomads and it is just unbelievable that they built that building any time before. Thanks to the historical sources, it is said to be the ancient caravanserai of a Great Silk Road – Tash Rabat!

The condition of that ancient “inn” is pretty nice comparing to its century-mate heritages. You can still go inside,feel the atmosphere of Silk Road and caravans stopped by it.

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