Prendre soin…

While wishing you guys a great camping holidays, it is a bit uneasy to open up one topicIt is all about the safety of yours during travels and how important it is to obey some safety rules.

First of all, make sure that you are not alone on the trip, especially among the mountains. No one knows what accident may happen on the road, such as the lack of gas in your car or you feel too dizzy to go on in the middle of nowhere. At this time, it is really important to have someone to rely on, someone who can at least support morally and take turns for sleeping somewhere not that safe.

What happened to one of the curious youngster in Utah is really scary. He also felt no need for someone to his bike trip on the mountains, but strongly regretted as he ran into a huge troubleThe following is the movie trailer, which is actually based on a real story:

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