Motorola Xoom



How to install

Instruction for flashing Tiamat Xoom Kernel And Boot Image Packs

NOTE: These instruction assume you have flashed ClockworkMod Recovery and upgraded to Honeycomb 3.1!


  • Proceed to the Boot Image Section and grab your favorite boot image. Not needed if you’re happy with what you got.
  • Proceed to the Download Center post and grab your kernel.


  • Reboot into recovery.
  • Go into “mounts and storage”
  • Select “mount USB storage”
  • Your SD Card will now be mounted on your computer. Drop the kernel (and boot image pack if applicable) onto SD Card.
  • “Go Back” then go into “install zip from sdcard” then “choose zip from sdcard”
  • If you are flashing a boot image pack, flash it first. Then flash the kernel zip.
  • Back out to main menu and reboot.

Download Center:


Only get Official Tiamat Xoom Kernel releases from this location or download from Kernel Manager. As a user and Android Enthusiast, you can rest assured that the releases from these sources are SAFE. These releases have been rigorously tested and are suitable for public release.

As a Tiamat Xoom Kernel User, you agree to the following terms and common sense principles:

  • As an Android Enthusiast, you are responsible for having a basic understanding of commonly used tools. These include, but are not limited to, ADB, shell, fastboot, and ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • You agree to follow the instructions EXACTLY AS POSTED. With recovery and Kernel Manager, it should now be relatively easy to flash.
  • You agree that this is a kernel development thread on a development website. You will treat other users with dignity respect. Your posts will be easily understandable and productive.
  • You agree to NEVER ASK FOR TIMEFRAMES OR ETA’S. I have a boss at work, and at home, and it’s not you.
  • As an Android Developer, I pledge to release SAFE kernels that are as stable as possible. The goal of kernel development is to improve the performance, battery life, and provide additional functionality to Android devices.
  • I pledge to keep my Github repository up-to-date. You will ALWAYS be able to fork, pull request, or just review my source. In fact, I highly encourage user participation in the development process.

By clicking on the download links below, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the aforementioned paragraph.

Release Notes for 1.4.4: 1.7Ghz is likely as far as we can push the Tegra2 cores. We have stress tested the heck out of 1.7 and it is safe. However, safe does not mean stable. Personally, I can run 1.7 on Interactive governor all day and it’s smooth as butter. Other folks get reboots. If you can not run at 1.7, try 1.6. Everybody who tested was able to run at 1.504 without any problems. Just because this release is clocked to 1.7, that does not mean you can not run at stock speeds. Simply do not overclock. The settings for 1Ghz are identical to stock settings. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you leave your device on INTERACTIVE. You may use Performance solely for benchmarking purposes, but then PUT IT BACK.

USB Tether: Plug OTG cable into Xoom. Plug phone with microUSB cable into OTG cable. On phone, enable USB Tether. On Xoom, run the following in terminal or script manager (Scripter, GScript, Tasker) of your choice.

dhcpcd usb1

setprop net.dns1

The Xoom will not show any indication that there is a network connection. But pull up your browser and surf away. Like I said earlier, I tested this personally on the Evo with a Sense rom. It works perfect. However, there are countless devices out there. Your experience may vary.

Tiamat Xoom Kernel Modpacks:

Tiamat Xoom Kernel Boot Images For Honeycomb 3.1 ONLY

Be sure to flash your boot image first! Then flash your kernel. You can flash the boot image and kernel back-to-back in the same recovery session. Don’t worry. If you mess up and flash just these boot images, your device will still boot.

 About These Boot Images:

 These modifications apply to all boot images

  •  Enable MicroSD card in Android mounted at “sdcard/external”.
  • Enable USB Host with and OTG cable mounted at “/usbOTG”
  • New! EXT4 file system mount mod for faster write speeds and killer Quadrant scores. Thanks TDR from AndroidCentral!

 WIFI Only

Charging light on when device is on (mirror)
MD5SUM: fb27af9e9351458b7dfac45b9a1d8b0c

 Charging light off when device is on (stock behavior) (mirror)

MD5SUM: cbe6d5123ef9a734625f6fac40a5a25c

Verizon 3G Only

Charging light on when device is on (mirror)
MD5SUM: c96a3b1941b9055c3f062ef8d37f8db9

Charging light off when device is on (stock behavior) (mirror)
MD5SUM: cf16de47b473e8804967e61b13c68343