Sky is the limit…


I guess it is the nature of person to want more than he has. A piece of chocolate cake makes him impatient until he gets another slice. The same happens to me when I run into awesome Travel Videos
! Especially after our trip to Ala Archa, I fell in love with mountains and have been longing for the same trip again!

On the other hand, similar trip may not bring as much joy as it did in the first time. So, it is time to look for new and more difficult challenges! This is what I am doing at the moment. Not only me, but also my friends are taking that huge responsibility. :)

One of the best offers from friends for now is climbing the highest mount in Kyrgyzstan. It does sound a bit too loud, since I’m not even a professional climber! However, I found that there are special helicopter tours to those high mounts of this country. I’m crossing fingers at the moment in order my next dream comes true!

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