Winter on Mountains

It is true that winter is coming to an end, but in most of the great mountains, there is no such thing as summer either! People can always visit them whenever they miss snow and that amazing season. Some of them do so not only to enjoy the nature, but also to go for their favorite activities, for the most part – skiing.

This video is one of the examples of how they do it! Despite the big challenges of climbing up in that cold, those guys just did it! Perhaps, they already knew that it would be so worth their tryings!

Queen of Mountains

Let me ask you an interesting question: have you ever heard of a Queen of Mountains? Can you imagine a woman, who can take control of mountain’s nation? If not, then keep on reading!

The story of that queen is actually real. She is from Kyrgyz nation, lived couple of centuries before in the Alay range of modern Kyrgyzstan. She was the wife of nomads’ leader, one of those, who had a huge influence on him.

Unfortunately, her husband was killed by the enemy and she was left alone with her kids and nomads around, who also felt lost because of the tragedy. However, Kurmanjan was very strong and did not waste much time for despair. She called her nation to unite and fight for freedom and peace altogether.

She was ready for anything in this mission. It can be proven by her incredibly hard decision of sacrificing her own son in order not to lose the battle against the enemies…

Take care…

While wishing you guys a great camping holidays, it is a bit uneasy to open up one topic… It is all about the safety of yours during travels and how important it is to obey some safety rules.

First of all, make sure that you are not alone on the trip, especially among the mountains. No one knows what accident may happen on the road, such as the lack of gas in your car or you feel too dizzy to go on in the middle of nowhere. At this time, it is really important to have someone to rely on, someone who can at least support morally and take turns for sleeping somewhere not that safe.

What happened to one of the curious youngster in Utah is really scary. He also felt no need for someone to his bike trip on the mountains, but strongly regretted as he ran into a huge trouble… The following is the movie trailer, which is actually based on a real story:

More on camping..

If you liked the idea of camping on the mountains from the last post, then please welcome this fresh information more on this topic. As I already guessed, some tour agencies have already started making plans for trekking and camping tours for warm seasons.

It surprises that some of the announcements were spread out so fast and the groups are also pretty much gathered! I guess it is a pretty great idea to join them while we have time to think and plan, otherwise we may not notice how summer knocks on our doors!

Visit site to see some reviews and descriptions of such tours.

Camping in Kyrgyzstan

Although it is a bit early to talk about camping, it would not really hurt to make some plans for upcoming summer vacations as well! Thinking about the perfect nature of Kyrgyzstan, rich with mountains, lakes and rivers, what else could be better than being in harmony with it? How? By camping!

Just imagine escaping far far away from the chaos of urban life and staying alone with nature – just you and the enchanting beauty all around: crystal clear pristine water of the lake and the moons reflection on it, peaceful night sounds from the woods, the sky filled with stars,just like the sparkled showers from above…

All said above can only be felt there, on the mountains. All you need to do is get in touch with some tour agencies, which are so many around, take warms clothes and you are all ready! The equipments are often provided by the agencies themselves.

Nomads of Song Kul

After some months of life in Kyrgyzstan, I found how the country is rich with natural beauty. The most part of it is mountains and the treasure inside them is even more. The pristine lakes, rivers and green woods are what make that treasure.

However, it is not yet everything which amazed me. When I explored Song Kul, which is also one of the most beautiful alpine lakes, I found that the inhabitants of that place are not only mountain animals and plants, but also the people! It is freezing cold even in summer there, which makes it hard to imagine how it is like in winter. Any idea now how those people survive there? Exactly, absolutely no idea!

On the other hand, Kyrgyz nation is said to be nomadic from the past. The modern day’s nomads must be those, who could not actually get used to the new world and they feel good on the mountains. Their bodies already got used to such conditions and that is the only place where they can be themselves, live the best way…

Tash Rabat “Inn”

Building beautiful castles, high towers as Burana were pretty common in ancient times. We can still see them in many places around the world. But how about ancient “hotels”? Could you imagine any inn at all at those old times? If not, let me take you to one of them virtually first, then you decide, whether to realize it or not!

Somewhere far inside the valleys of Kyrgyzstan there is an interesting building. What draws attention is that the region itself is inhabited by nomads and it is just unbelievable that they built that building any time before. Thanks to the historical sources, it is said to be the ancient caravanserai of a Great Silk Road – Tash Rabat!

The condition of that ancient “inn” is pretty nice comparing to its century-mate heritages. You can still go inside,feel the atmosphere of Silk Road and caravans stopped by it.

Burana Tower

Today we will go a little bit farther from the mountains, since there appeared something really worth attention. It is the famous tower Burana, situated in the city of Tokmok in Kyrgyzstan. The tower is the only whole thing remains from the ruins of ancient city.

The city is said to be built by the Karakhanids in 11th century. The tower itself used to be even taller than now, and today’s condition is apparently the result of natural disasters. There are some interesting legends about Burana as well:

They say the purpose of building the tower was to save the princess. When she was born, the soothsayers told the king that as soon as the girl turns 18, she will get bitten by the poisonous insect and die. The king, definitely, got scared and started the construction of the highest tower in the city for his daughter to live there. However, the height of the tower did not save the princess’s life…

Warm springs

South of Kyrgyzstan is famous for the valley, called Alay. It hides an unusual treasure inside, which is the God-given natural source of warm water…

People have researched so hard until they invented the system, by which we can now have an access to hot water even in the 10th floor of the building. It is incredible to see that what we have been searching for has already been existing for thousands of years somewhere among the valleys. Or maybe, this actually was the reason why people tried to invent the hot water system?

Therefore, the reason is clear why the place is worth visiting. By the way, the source is called “Jyluu Suu” – “Warm Water”. The local people have moderated the place and now they organize picnics, generally in summer. There are two separate swimming pools as well: one for men and another for women. The scenery around and nice swimming makes the weekends really fun and relaxing!

Healing Jalal-Abad


Today we will keep on going on the tour around Jalal-Abad, since there is one more very important site, which is really worthy of discovering. Except for the largest walnut forest in the world, Jalal-Abad hides another pearl. It is pretty famous among the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. We are talking about one of the best mineral springs of the country! Click here to see the whole list of other mineral sources in Kyrgyzstan.

Jalal-Abad mineral spring is highly appreciated for its healing effects. Thanks to its qualities, there are some nice sanatoriums that offer spa-procedures with the mineral water directly from the source. It is useful not only to take a mineral bath, but also to drink the water from springs regularly. They have healing effects for person’s digestive and nervous systems. For those, who have no direct access to the spring, the mineral water is sold in bottles and distributed across the country.