Nomads of Song Kul

After some months of life in Kyrgyzstan, I found how the country is rich with natural beauty. The most part of it is mountains and the treasure inside them is even more. The pristine lakes, rivers and green woods are what make that treasure.

However, it is not yet everything which amazed me. When I explored Song Kul, which is also one of the most beautiful alpine lakes, I found that the inhabitants of that place are not only mountain animals and plants, but also the people! It is freezing cold even in summer there, which makes it hard to imagine how it is like in winter. Any idea now how those people survive there? Exactly, absolutely no idea!

On the other hand, Kyrgyz nation is said to be nomadic from the past. The modern day’s nomads must be those, who could not actually get used to the new world and they feel good on the mountains. Their bodies already got used to such conditions and that is the only place where they can be themselves, live the best way…

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