Never too late

We had just so short time to explore all places for winter sports and activities in Kyrgyzstan.  However, need to feel down, since it is not too late: there are such peaks in the country, which do not easily give up on spring and summer!

Tian Shan  have exactly that kind of places! They are so high that it is not even possible to climb them easily on foot. The one needs a heli ride to do so. Many cool guys shoot two rabbits in one shot at this point: they go up there for heli-skiing!

No need to make any introductions to heli-skiing, since we all know that it is one of the coolest activities that anyone can do in winter! So here is the conclusion: hurry up to go and check with the tour agencies if they have the last flights to the Celestials for heli-skiing! It definitely is worth trying!

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