Love Shopping!


It has always been interesting for me to know how the girls of ancient times used to go shopping… There was no such thing called shopping malls or boutiques, especially in Central Asia.. So how?

I found a little answer to my own question in Osh-second largest city of Kyrgyzstan in the south! There is a famous bazaar, which was able to keep the ancient atmosphere through decades. It is so crowded and busy every single day!

What I found very interesting is that there are almost no specific departments, such as clothes part or shoes part. Almost everything is situated in different places, all mixed up! So in order to shop successfully, the one has to be familiar with the bazaar very well and be able to find the way like a fish in the ocean!

Perfect option for budgeted students – bargaining is available! Sure, bazaar without bargainingis a no-no…

The market is situated in two sides of Ak-Buura river and there are some very nice “chayhanas” right by the river. It really is a great way to relieve tiredness and stress after long day of shopping!

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