Curación Jalal-Abad


Today we will keep on going on the tour around Jalal-Abad, since there is one more very important site, which is really worthy of discovering. Except for the largest walnut forest in the world, Jalal-Abad hides another pearl. It is pretty famous among the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. We are talking about one of the best mineral springs of the country! Click here to see the whole list of other mineral sources in Kyrgyzstan.

Jalal-Abad mineral spring is highly appreciated for its healing effects. Thanks to its qualities, there are some nice sanatoriums that offer spa-procedures with the mineral water directly from the source. It is useful not only to take a mineral bath, but also to drink the water from springs regularly. They have healing effects for person’s digestive and nervous systems. For those, who have no direct access to the spring, the mineral water is sold in bottles and distributed across the country.

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