Euro-Asian Line

There is special line, drawn by Lord between two continents: Europe and Asia. That line is too great not to be noticed, because we are talking about the very Great ranges, called Caucasus!

North Caucasus lying in Europe and southern part in Asia, the mountain range belongs to five countires at the same time. The list of those countries include Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Iran. The biggest part lies n Russia, having 66% area of the moutnain range.

The highest point as well is located in RussianGeorgian part. That is the peak of Elbrus with the height of more than 5,600 meters. Elbrus from Persian meansEternal, High…”

Caucasian Mountains

With the precious vacation times passing by, here is what comes to mind: why not to take advantage of it and explore as much places as possible. Really, the next chance will only come 9 months after!

There is a special place on Earth, which has to be visited for everyone; because of its variety of culture, beauty of the cities and majesty of mountains! Caucasus is the very destination I am talking about!

Need to notice that the greatest mountain range in Europe is again called by this name. Let us now take a look at what a beauty the Caucasus Mountain Range hides in itself:

Fly over Toktogul

Welcome back to the largest water reservoir of Central AsiaToktogul. Today we will look through one of the coolest opportunities the dam gives for its visitorsentertainment.

Besides the chances for hiking, swimming and fishing, people figured out the way to enjoy the view of this sky blue water reservoir. They decided to fly above it by paragliding!

It does not seem to be the safest way of entertainment, of course. However, with the professionals like in the video, there is almost no need to worry!