What a breathtaking view, is it not? The most ideal scenery for the lovers of crystal clear lakes and seas. This pearl of Kyrgyzstan’s nature, however, is not really what you think. What do I mean by this?

The beauty in the picture, in fact is neither a lake nor a sea! This is something created by the hands of humans, the water reservoir!

Toktogul water dam is located among the mountains nearby Jalal Abad province, Toktogul region. It is the largest water reservoir in Central Asia. It is amazing that this place is famous not only for its main mission, but also for the chances of fishing and paragliding over it!

Yellow Bucket

Today I will introduce you to the second largest lake of Kyrgyzstan. It is as precious and dear for Kyrgyzstan just as Issyk Kul. They call it Sary Chelek

The name is translated asYellow Bucketand there are some interesting legends about it. One of them say that a man, who has honey bees adored this lake and thought it looked like bucket of yellow honey. They also say that in the season of fall, the beautiful nature around turns golden yellow and its reflection will be on the lake.

I can imagine how excited and surprised you will be when you see the lake’s clearness of water in the video below!

Edge of the World

Today we will keep on exploring lakes of Kyrgyzstan, that are hidden in such remote places that only the experts in hiking tours and geogrpahy know about their existence.

One of those mysterious lakes in Kyrgyzstan is Kel Suu. It is located in such a far distance away from the capital, that not every visitor of the country gets a chance to even hear about it. It takes hours of journey past Boom gorge, valleys and Kochkor region and finally on the mountain, which borders Kyrgyzstan with China is the lake Kel Suu.

The clearness and incredibly beautiful emerald color of the lake will definitely leave you in awe. In that area you will not only enjoy the place, but also may run into the most rare animals in the country, such as the sheep of Marco Polo!