Discover Song Kul

Finally! After the long waitings through coldness of winter and heavy rains of spring, here comes summer! The beautiful and much missed time of the year for both elders and children!

In summer, not only the beach lovers are happy, but also the big reason for mountaineering fans to be glad as well! Why? Because some of the nature’s treasures are available only in summer. For instance, one of the most hidden pearls of Kyrgyzstan, the lake Song Kul.

Summer is the most perfect time to visit such beauty above, since it is located at the height of 3000 meters above sea level and covered with ice almost all year round. Since it takes special period and some preparations, not everyone dares to go for such tour and therefore Song Kul is one of the most untouched destinations in Kyrgyzstan!

Charyn canyon

Hello friends! Hoping you are all having a great day, I will keep on sharing my best discoveries and emotions with them…

Let me introduce you to another beautiful canyon in Central Asia, in other words, the brother of Komorchek. Charyn canyon is located in Kazakhstan, near to the city of Almaty.

After thousands of years through natural disasters, catastrophes and so on, the canyons obtained their today’s form. The territory of Charyn is about 150 km, which is less than Komorchek to 50km.

The breathtaking view you can get there is perfect for educational trips, photosessions and trekking tours. No wonder the one may wish to come back again after visiting the place once. If not visited yet, this video will serve as a great intrigue!

Canyons in Asia

There are times when we go past the places without realizing how much of a history, legends and other treasures they carry. Today our destination is one of those places that we do not usually notice or don’t even know about their existance!

There are canyons with the name of Komorchek in Kyrgyz Republic. Located in one of the most remote provinces in the north part of the country, not everyone is aware of its existence. However, Komorchek is definitely worth seeing! Why?

First of all, pay attention to the period it took in order the canyons to get formed as they are today – at least a million years! Second reason is that it is the perfect place for the lovers of challenges, such as labyrinths. With the length of about 200 kilometers and  crooked trails inside make you wander in the place at least a couple days!