Tash Rabat “Posada”

Building beautiful castles, high towers as Burana were pretty common in ancient times. We can still see them in many places around the world. But how about ancienthotels”? Could you imagine any inn at all at those old times? If not, let me take you to one of them virtually first, then you decide, whether to realize it or not!

Somewhere far inside the valleys of Kyrgyzstan there is an interesting building. What draws attention is that the region itself is inhabited by nomads and it is just unbelievable that they built that building any time before. Thanks to the historical sources, it is said to be the ancient caravanserai of a Great Silk Road – Tash Rabat!

The condition of that ancientinnis pretty nice comparing to its century-mate heritages. You can still go inside,feel the atmosphere of Silk Road and caravans stopped by it.

Torre Burana

Today we will go a little bit farther from the mountains, since there appeared something really worth attention. It is the famous tower Burana, situated in the city of Tokmok in Kyrgyzstan. The tower is the only whole thing remains from the ruins of ancient city.

The city is said to be built by the Karakhanids in 11th century. The tower itself used to be even taller than now, and today’s condition is apparently the result of natural disasters. There are some interesting legends about Burana as well:

They say the purpose of building the tower was to save the princess. When she was born, the soothsayers told the king that as soon as the girl turns 18, she will get bitten by the poisonous insect and die. The king, definitely, got scared and started the construction of the highest tower in the city for his daughter to live there. ahora bien, the height of the tower did not save the princess’s life

Warm Springs

South of Kyrgyzstan is famous for the valley, called Alay. It hides an unusual treasure inside, which is the God-given natural source of warm water…

People have researched so hard until they invented the system, by which we can now have an access to hot water even in the 10th floor of the building. It is incredible to see that what we have been searching for has already been existing for thousands of years somewhere among the valleys. Or maybe, this actually was the reason why people tried to invent the hot water system?

Therefore, the reason is clear why the place is worth visiting. By the way, the source is called “Jyluu Suu” – “Warm Water”. The local people have moderated the place and now they organize picnics, generally in summer. There are two separate swimming pools as well: one for men and another for women. The scenery around and nice swimming makes the weekends really fun and relaxing!