#1 in the World


Next to Osh comes Jalal-Abad region. It is famous for some nice health-improving resorts with mineral water sources. 50km north of the city of Jalal-Abad, there is a real treasure of not only the country, but also the whole world! It is the biggest walnut forest on Earth, situated in one of the smallest countries!(10,000 hectares).

The walnut trees there are already centuries old and despite long years of existence, they still give so much fruit. There are some legends as well, connected to this great forest. It says that in 329 BC, Alexander the Great visited these places, extracted a walnut tree, and brought it to back to Greece. So, this is how they came to our Turkey as well and now serving as main ingredient for our baklava?! :)

Besides the forests and orchards, there are several other nice destinations in the Arslanbob Valley: the Sacred Lake (Lake Kol Mazar), Mount Babash Ata, caves, and 2 waterfalls appropriately named “Big Falls” and “Little Falls.”

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