Note on GPL Compliance

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I am in the process of migrating my server to a new host (BIG thanks to Snipa and  While I am doing this, my git server may be unavailable temporarily.  By no means am I attempting to withhold or hide any source code.  If at any point my code is unavailable or inaccessible on the Tiamat git site, please feel free to contact me and I can provide you a snapshot.

Tiamat 031412

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Pi day kernels for everyone!

Updates across the board.  ZRAM, KSM, bcmdhd, vzalloc, and much more.  Check the changelog for full details.

Tiamat Issue Tracker

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As many people probably already know, I do not read forum posts on XDA or RootzWiki.  To make it easier for users to submit feedback and bug reports, I have created an issue tracker for Tiamat Kernels.  You can find a link in the sidebar or go here.  Please be sure to list the device you are using, the ROM you are using and the kernel release version in your reports.  Feature requests can also be submitted through the issue tracker.

ICS Tiamat Kernels for 21 HTC Devices

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I have not released any new kernels in quite some time.  As many people know, I have been waiting for development on ICS ROMs to progress far enough to make custom kernels anything other than a developmental distraction.  When ROM developers are working to code a new Android version to a device, throwing custom kernels into that mix only creates headaches.  Instead, I have been working with various AOSP ROM developers and teams, helping with the kernel development needs on the path to ICS, providing them with kernels that are modified from HTC’s stock, but still relatively ‘stock’ kernels (much like CyanogenMod’s kernels would be used, if they existed yet for ICS on HTCs).  There are still a few devices in this group that do not have stable ICS ROMs yet, but for most, I believe that development is now far enough along that custom kernels will not detract from development.

This brings us to the release of Tiamat ICS 022112.  This release brings support for several new 8×60 devices (MTS4G, E3DGSM, Amaze, Rezound, Vivid, Evo4G+) and the unification of releases across all three current HTC platforms (8×50, 7×30, 8×60).  The old changelogs will remain where they are, but moving forward, please look to the new ICS Changelog.  Releases will also be tagged with a date moving forward, rather than an arbitrary version number, in a more ‘nightly’ style, however I will not be releasing on a nightly basis.  As always, please see the changelog to find out what’s new in this release.


Note for ROM Developers:

I am happy to provide you ‘stock’ kernels for AOSP ICS ROM development, but I would prefer you not include my ‘tiamat’ kernels in your ROMs by default.


Notes on the Vivid, Amaze, and Rezound:

Development of AOSP ICS ROMs on these devices has been slower than others.  A number of factors contribute to that, but consequently, there are not a lot of options for  ROMs with which these kernels can operate.  The Vivid and Rezound kernels include the bcmdhd WiFi module — this may or may not be functional (ROMs are not far enough along to really confirm one way or the other).  The Amaze kernel does not even contain a WiFi module with it, but it does include the staging modules needed to source build an AOSP TIWLAN driver for it — at this point AOSP ROM development is not sufficient to merit building the module.

Downloads Fixed

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The links for kernel downloads are all working again. Sorry for the disturbance. Sadly, some 10 months and 335,000 downloads worth of stats were lost in the process, so the stats pages has been reset back to zero across the board.


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Something has happened with my downloads server.  I am working to fix it, but downloads will be offline for a bit.  Please see me in #tiamat to ask for links in the meantime.  Get there here.

Tiamat Xoom 2.2.0 "Odachi"

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Woah… it’s been a while since the last kernel release!
For this release, I have to give a huge shoutout to kcrudup, who was able to obtain the new modem drivers that are required for 4G to function.
Other than the 4G support, we have also added support for the lagfree cpu frequency governor.

Your first boot may take a while, depending on how many applications you have installed. Mine took about 8 minutes.



  • Fixed 4G modem support (huge thanks to kcrudup)
  • Brought in many nvidia upstream changes
  • Switched to BFQ as the default I/O schedular
  • Includes the lagfree cpu frequency governor
Stock GPU
MD5Sum: 58a669e71c4db8fae3d29639b725cb54
Overclocked GPU
MD5Sum: bfa60c8f70472d028bbf7380effb3c40

17 new Tiamat Kernels for 15 HTC devices

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Time for some kernel updates for all 15 of the supported HTC devices.

The 8×50 series (Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, Nexus One, Desire CDMA, Desire GSM) is getting bumped to version 4.1.0 with a new CPU governor (LagFree — SmartAssV2 still default), a new I/O scheduler (V(R) — BFQ now default), increased networking and security support, and other tweaks.

The 7×30 series (Droid Incredible 2, Incredible S, Desire HD/ Inspire 4G / Desire Z / G2 / MyTouch 4G (msm7230), Thunderbolt, Evo 4G Shift, Desire S) is getting a more minor update to 1.1.5 with a new frequency and voltage table, increased networking and security support and some audio improvements for the Desire S.

The 8×60 series (Evo 3D, Sensation) is getting bumped to version 1.1.0 with some frequency, voltage, and L2 table adjustments, CPU policy restoration improvements, Secure Channel Manager improvements, ARM improvements, GPU improvements, and increased networking and security support.  Oh yeah, and versions for Sense 3.0 running Android 2.3.4.


Links are live!!


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Tiamat Kernels for the HTC 7×30 devices (Inc2, IncS, Shift, Thunderbolt, DesireS, MyTouch4G, DesireZ, and DesireHD) have been updated to version 1.1.4.  Changes include stability and speed improvements, as well as adding another I/O scheduler and CPU governor.  Check the changelog for full details.

Downloads now live.


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Downloads now live for the E3D and Sensation.


Version 1.0.3 brings working BT support to the E3D (and possibly the Sensation, though it may have been working before there), 2 additional I/O schedulers and a new governor, along with other tweaks.



  • The default I/O Scheduler is still Simple I/O (SIO).  Users can select from a range of options (Deadline, NOOP, CFQ, BFQ, SIO, VR) manually in the sysfs or using an app like NoFrills CPU Control.  SIO has been finicky for some users, so please let me know if one of the others is best in the ‘real world’ to set as the default.
  • The default CPU Governor is still OnDemand.  Users can select from a range of options (OnDemand, Conservative, Interactive, Performance, UserSpace, PowerSave, Smartass2, LagFree) manually in the sysfs or using an app like NoFrills, SetCPU, or CM7′s performance settings.  The default remains OnDemand because I am not yet satisfied with the other enough to use them as the default.  Smartass2 can be picky and something that should cause a small amount of usage will keep it clocking to max indefinitely.  LagFree is very responsive, but glacially slow to scale down.  I will keep tweaking this until one seems best as the default.  In the meantime, try them out and let me know how they work for you.